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It says that serving the poor and needy is a way to honour God and demonstrate our love for him. Keeping this in mind Mr Jaiprakash Goel and Mr Amit Goel always motivate the GGC team for social causes.
It was a memorable day for the GGC team. The team enlightened the day by volunteering for a few hours at DHARMAVEER SHAMBHURAJE orphan’s primary school, old age home and ANIKET SEVABHAVI SANSTHA to make their NEW YEAR special. GGC’s President Mr. Arup Roy, Technical Director Mr. Nikhil A. and team disturbed blankets to keep them safe from this cosy winter and comestibles to fulfil the daily needs of these orphans and seniors who struggling ultimately. GGC salutes the teachers who stand with them and give them a helping hand to complete their daily chores.
It was a mesmerising moment for GGC to be able to spend these precious moments with these needy, physically and mentally challenged students. The most important thing is to have a heart of compassion and a desire to help those who are less fortunate and to do so in a way that is respectful and dignifying to those we are serving. Their smile encourages the GGC team for such social causes.